Pack 4

carpaccio and porcelain handles (160gr), cheesecake carpaccio (160gr), carpaccio head and pork (160gr), dry sausage (190gr), white sausage (345gr), black sausage culana (345gr), bull black (630gr), cooked pork cheeks (800gr), bottle of olive oil 250ml “the vergerars”, bag of rustic peppers Can Pistraques (100gr), bag of vegetables Chips Can Pistraques (100gr), bag mini xapata Can Pistraques 100gr);


At Can Pistraques we are taking the safety and health of our clients and collaborators very seriously during the covid19 pandemic. That is why in our home deliveries we are working with Integra2. Them, like us, have taken all the necessary measures to avoid contagion from both workers and consumers. Together, and taking all precautions, we will be able to reverse the situation.