Our philosophy makes us special

Our philosophy continues to be the same as for more than a century ago: the quality ahead of everything. We are committed to a natural diet and a careful form of elaboration, artisan and traditional, constant work and innovation, the main axes of our philosophy that allow us to achieve optimum results, which undoubtedly are reflected in the Flavour of our products.

“We are committed to slow food culture, which encourages consumers to feed carefully, evaluating the quality, the provenance of the raw material and the way of cooking”

The raw material used in the elaboration of our products comes from the Duroc pig breed. A breed from the USA that stands out for its quality, with a more tasty, tender and red meat, which has little water and provides good cholesterol and non-saturated triglycerides. Duroc pigs are bred with strict and controlled feeding, based on cereals, leguminous, vitamins and minerals. They also meet all the requirements of animal welfare, which guarantees that they are in freedom and in a density that ensures their quality of life.

Our products do not have any industrial or chemical addition, we only add natural products such as pepper or salt, for this reason they are suitable for people with allergies or lactose.

The elaboration process is completely artisan and we continue using the ancestral way of working that our ancestors already used, which results in an unbeatable quality and flavor.