Can pistraques, from 1873

Can Pistraques is a family business, with a centenarian trajectory. Its origins go back to the 1873, when it appears the oldest invoice that retains the business.

Our speciality, has always been the elaboration of sausages, as well as several meat products derived from the pig, with which over the years we have given service to many households from all over Catalonia.

Today, in order to maintain the family business structure and to adapt to new health legislations, we continue to offer the best products and we maintain the selection processes of the best raw material and artisan elaboration, Expanding the range of every day, in order to adapt ourselves to new purchasing and consumption habits.

Can pistraques, TODAY

Currently, the fifth generation is responsible for the project management. Today it is Josep M ª Sunyer Cabayol who is in charge of the company and continues to work to bring artisan sausages to people like you, who like to know what you eat and do not want to give up small pleasures. The areas of production and sales are their field of work. Gemma Rossell, shares with him the management of the company and is in charge of administrative and financial tasks.

Our main objective is to elaborate sausages of maximum quality, adapting us to the new habits of purchase and of existent consumption and transmitting our philosophy, basically focused on continuing to work of artisan and sustainable form.